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The Church of St John, Ainsdale

The Parish Church of Ainsdale, in the Diocese of Liverpool, Church of England

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St John's Records

St John's does not store its own records, they are all archived at the Lancashire Records Office in Preston. (this link, which changes often, was updated on 05/05/05).

St John's did not become a parish in its own right until 1906, it did not even have a church until 1887, before that Ainsdale was part of the Parish of St Peter's, Formby and before that (until sometime between 1846 and 1887) part of the Parish of Walton-On-The-Hill. You may find it difficult to distiguish between people from Formby and Ainsdale in early records. Also Ainsdale was not recorded as a Census place in the 1881 census (not on my CD ROM copy of the index anyway), people are recorded as being born in Ainsdale but their census place is given as Formby, Lancashire.

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