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Finance & Giving

Annual Report 2006

Where does our money go?

SpendingIt costs £2,000 a week to maintain services, pay our bills and provide for our mission giving at St John's. In accordance with Biblical principles we give a proportion of our income (10%) to charity, this is included in the Worship & Ministry category on the graph, follow this link to see a list of the organisations we supported last year. After that we send money to the Diocese of Liverpool, called the Parish Share, this pays for the central services that the diocese provides and for Clergy pay & pensions. Cost of Buildings includes things like utility bills, insurance and maintenance.

How much should a Christian give to their Church?

There isn't a simple answer to this question. Some people believe in the Old Testament principle of the tithe (giving one tenth of your income to God), others say that giving should not be a response to the Law of Moses but a response to the grace of God taught by the New Testament (i.e. a reflection of the relationship between the believer and God but not a set amount). Both view points agree on the following about a person's giving:

Proportional to income (1 Corinthians 16:2, 2 Corinthians 8:12)
Consistent (1 Corinthians 16:2)
Sacrificial (Mark 12:43-44, 2 Corinthians 8:2-3)
Cheerful (2 Corinthians 9:7)

So ultimately it is between you and God how much you give and so you should consider the amount prayerfully.

Gift Aid It logoWhichever way you choose to give to St John's, if you are a taxpayer please consider giving under the GiftAid scheme. For every £1 you give we can claim another 28p from HM Revenue & Customs. In order to claim back the tax we need you to make a signed declaration, including your name and address, that you are a tax payer and that we can treat your gift(s) as GiftAid. We then need to make sure that there is an audit trail between you and the money you give. This audit trail is kept confidential and only used to claim tax back or satisfy any official inspection. For more details use our feedback page.

Standing Orders

If you give regularly to the church then a Standing Order is a very convenient method. Basically, you just tell your bank that you want to transfer a set amount to our account each month. You are in complete control, you can start and stop the order or change the amount at any time by contacting your bank. At church only our Treasurer and Gift Aid secretary (if you pay tax) will ever know how much you give.

To set up a Standing Order contact your bank and give them the following information: Your bank account details, our bank account details, the amount you want to give, the day of the month you want the transfer to take place and your signature. Our details and a form that you can use to send to your bank can be found here.

Envelope Scheme

If you want to give regularly, attend St Johns and want to give in cash then our Envelope Scheme is for you. You receive a pack of envelopes marked with a personal reference number, one envelope for each week. Envelopes are collected during the service on the collection plate with the other cash giving.

The reason for the personal number is that if you are a tax payer we can set up an audit trail that will satisfy the Inland Revenue, this enables us to claim back the tax you paid under the GiftAid scheme if you wish. Only the Gift Aid secretary Envelopes secretary and the Treasurer will know how much individuals gave. Contact details for the Envelopes Secretary are in the Parish Magazine.


You can put cash in our collections at our services each week. It is completely anonymous but there is no chance of us reclaiming any GiftAid if you are a tax payer.


If you would like to give us a one-off gift towards the work of the church you can do so by sending cash or a cheque to the address found on our contact page (although we don't recommend sending cash through the post). Alternatively, you can give your gift directly to the Vicar, churchwardens or treasurer - most people in church will know who we are. Please let us know if you would like a receipt otherwise we'll assume you don't need one. If you pay UK tax you can help us reclaim the tax paid on your gift by including your name and address and a declaration that you would like the gift treating as GiftAid.


Remembering St John's in your Will means that you can go on helping the work of the church even after you have died. A Will is a legal document and we recommend that you consult a solicitor in order to draw one up. However, we have created a guide that you can download which may help.

Tax Self Assessment Form

If you have to fill in your own tax form and HM Revenue & Customs end up owing you money then you can ask for that money to be sent to St. Johns. There is a box on the form for a charity number, our number is:

Finance Downloads for Church Groups/Members

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